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Chase Kloetzke

Chase Kloetzke, born and raised in South Kingstown, Rhode Island, is known for her drive and involvement in the UFO, Cryptid, and Paranormal fields of study and investigations. One of her many cases included a “Close Encounter of the Third Kind.” The report and event broke through the news wires and internet blogospheres.


Chase joined the Mutual UFO Network in 1996 and was fast-tracked to Deputy Director of Investigations and Star Team Manager, a position she held through 2011. She was responsible for the design, structure and supervision of a national rapid response team. This included the most experienced investigators and assignment to the most sensitive, complex and extraordinary cases reported. Adding MACT CON as a tracking program to identify flaps and trends near airports, military bases, sacred sites and nuclear bases was also to her credit.


As of 2011, Chase continues to lead and network with a class of highly trained investigators and production specialists in collecting and reporting evidence and events surrounding anomalous cases. This includes a membership with Wolfepack Paranormal, headquartered in Tennessee.  As a trusted contact known for aggressive and thorough research and investigations, Chase delivers a team of professionals devoted, tested and experienced with decades of independent case work and public results.


From 2011 until 2014, Chase hosted Project White Paper, a UFO/Cryptid/Paranormal Radio talk show on KGRA Radio, as well as a special broadcast series, Encounters, which also featured Richard Dolan, Mack Maloney, Peter Robbins, and Race Hobbs. She was  involved for a time with the world’s biggest conspiracy web-site, Above Top Secret.Com, as a host of Above Top Secret LIVE!


Chase is a reoccurring guest on a number of radio shows and has been involved in and consulted for several television productions.


Chase is a proud sponsor of several digital broadcasts that include: Thresholds Radio, Crypto Reality, and the newest TEEN Duo, Sasquatch Investigators, all found on the Paranormal Talk Show Leaders, KGRA Radio. She is a contributing writer for the United Kingdom UFO/Paranormal Magazine, Into The Night.


Chase is the author of  Admissible: The Field Manual for Investigating UFOs, Paranormal Activity, and Strange Creatures. This is the definitive field investigator’s manual to all matters paranormal. Comprehensive yet concise and to-the-point, it is an indispensable guide to any person or organization involved in investigating the unknown.


Chase is also the author of a unique children’s book on UFOs,  Are Aliens Really Real?


As a highly sought-after media guest, lecturer, and investigator, Chase finds the balance to spend time with her family that she insists is her greatest achievement. She currently lives in Brunswick, Georgia, where she commands her own intimate brigade consisting of her husband of 25 years and a Naval Submarine Officer, her two Naval and Marine Corps sons David and Peter, two beautiful daughters-in-law Andrea and Tara, adorable Grandsons Ryan and Rayce. Still by her side are her faithful canine companions, Rascal and Lady. Her family is the bedrock that supports her quest to research and explore the mysteries of our world.

Debbie Ziegelmeyer


Debbie Ziegelmeyer is from Imperial, Missouri.  She joined MUFON in 2000 and became a Field Investigator shorty after.  She is currently a Star Team Investigator, the State Director of Missouri MUFON, a member of the MUFON Business Board of Directors, a MUFON Benefactor, and a MUFON Archivist.  Debbie organized the MUFON Dive Team in 2004 and is the MUFON Functional Director of Underwater Search and Recovery.  She has been a Roswell 1947 crash investigator for over 20 years, and is an annual Roswell July Festival speaker.  She has made several other appearances as a conference speaker, been an expert witness on TV documentaries, and was a volunteer archaeologist on a SyFy special in 2002 and again with NBC in 2006. Most recently, Debbie was featured in Ben Mezrich’s book “The 37th Parallel” a documentation of her brother Chuck Zukowski’s life as a UFO Investigator.   


Debbie is also a PADI Scuba Dive Instructor with teaching credentials in several dive specialties including divers with special needs.  Debbie’s full time occupation is small business owner.  She is co-owner with husband Wayne and son Wayne Jr. of Arco Fire and Water Restoration Inc., Largo Properties LLC, Custom RV and Boat Storage LLC, and “World of Water Foundation”, a 501c3 dedicated to giving disabled veterans and children with special needs, the chance to experience scuba diving and other water related sports.

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