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Costa Maya


Mayan Ruins




Journey back in time — deep into a dense, secluded jungle — to explore the vast ancient Mayan city of Kohunlich, complete with temples, palaces, lush gardens and even ball courts. Spend two-and-a-half hours unveiling the rich history of these illustrious Mayan people on a guided tour of the ruins and their breathtaking surroundings. As you make your way around, notice the varied architecture, including dwellings of the Kohunlich elite, and magnificent stone masks nearly 10 feet tall carved along the pyramid-shaped temple stairways of Templo de los Mascarones (Temple of the Masks), built in honor of their sun god. Some of the original red paint remains on the masks — imagine what the towering pyramid and masks must have looked like in their heyday, covered in red, more than 1,000 years ago. Also explore the broad plazas, including a massive, raised acropolis; Plaza of the Estelas (tall sculpted stone monuments); and Plaza Hundida and Plaza Merwin. These structures are only a part of Kohunlich; the site contains nearly 200 mounds, the majority of which remain unexcavated. After, ponder the mysteries and the complex culture of the Mayans as you make your way back through the dense jungle and back to your ship. (Complimentary beverages and box lunch included in your tour.)


• Mayan Kohunlich: Pre-Colombian Mayans once inhabited this elaborate site that remains partially unexcavated.
• Kohunlich Ruins: Explore the Temple of the Large Mask, and broad plazas, including a massive, raised acropolis; Plaza of the Estelas (tall sculpted stone monuments) and more.
• Bilingual Guide: Your bus takes you into subtropical jungle scenery, while your guide provides an overview of Kohunlich ruins.

What To Bring:
• Sea Pass card and photo identification
• Camera
• Sun protection
• Cash/credit cards
• Insect repellent


What To Wear:
• Walking shoes
• Hat and sunglasses
• Light clothing


Important Notes:
• Drive time to ruins is approximately two hours each way.
• Guests in wheelchairs and others with limited mobility should not select this tour.
• Consider physical fitness and medical history when selecting this tour.
• Guests must be able to walk over uneven, occasionally slippery surfaces and climb steps.
• Pregnant women and guests with back problems, asthma and epilepsy are strongly advised not to participate on this tour.
• Guests must be able to walk approximately 10 minutes from the parking lot to entrance of ruins and back.
• Flash bulbs, tripods and professional video equipment are prohibited at ruins.
• Guests using home video cameras will be charged a government fee of about $8-10 USD payable in cash at site.

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